Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, 37 (2) July 2009
Improved interspecific selectivity of nylon shrimp (Heterocarpus reedi) trawling in Chile
In order to improve the inter-specific selectivity of a new bottom trawl design for demersal crustaceans, an experimental attempt was carried out to compare the shrinkage effect in length of net structure accessories, particularly shorter bridles and sweeps, based on previous studies on escape behavior of gadiform fishes. For this purposes, an experimental fishing for nylon shrimp (Heterocarpus reedi) was carried out on board of two trawler vessels. The results showed no significant differences in catch per unit of fishing effort (CPUE) for the target species between gears and significant reductions (p < 0.05) for the most important bycatch species (Merluccius gayi) with the modified gear. In fact, the average CPUE for M. gayi decreased 5.6 kg h-1 (19.2%) and 35.7 kg h-1 (47.5%) for each vessel.
Author: Dante Queirolo, Mauricio Ahumada, Erick Gaete, Víctor Zamora, Roberto Escobar, Ivonne Montenegro & José Merino

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