Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, 40 (1) March 2012
New records of early life-stages of cephalopods in the Chiloé Interior Sea
Early life stages of cephalopods were sampled with zooplankton nets in southern Chile (41°- 43°S) during the CIMAR 11 Fiordos cruise, November 2005. A total of 52 individuals were collected, comprising three families (Octopodidae, Sepiolidae, Onychoteuthidae) and four species (Robsonella fontaniana, Enteroctopus megalocyathus, Semirossia patagonica, an undetermined Onychoteuthidae species).Paralarvae of Octopodidae have been previously recorded in northern and southern Chile; however, for Sepiolidae and Onychoteuthidae, this is the first record of early life stages in Chilean waters.
Author: Sergio A. Carrasco, Roberto Maltrain, Francisco Villenas & Marco A. Vega

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