Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, 41 (3) July 2013
New records of Lolliguncula (Lolliguncula) argus Brakoniecki & Roper, 1985 (Myopsida: Loliginidae) in northwestern Mexico.
Seven specimens of Lolliguncula (Lolliguncula) argus, were collected in the shrimp fisheries of the Gulf of California and five specimens from the western coast of Baja California Peninsula, deposited in the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (USA), are examined and reported. These records expand species geographic distribution range for approximately 950 km and report the maximum size of mantle length 38.8 mm for males and 60.8 mm for females. Morphometric data of the 12 collected specimens are presented, and species funnel organ and statoliths are described.
Author: Jasmín Granados-Amores, Frederick G. Hochberg & César A. Salinas-Zavala

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