Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, 41 (4) August 2013 (SPECIAL ISSUE)
Studies on Freshwater Decapods in Latin America
The invertebrates of the rivers and streams of some regions of the world, e.g., North America and Europe, have been is relatively well studied compared to those of Latin America. Yet the biodiversity of freshwater environments of Latin America (Mexico south to the tip of South America) is much higher and the faunal composition is quite different. This might be expected of landmasses encompassing tropical, temperate, and high austral latitudes. A growing cadre of Latin American invertebrate zoologists are rectifying this discrepancy with the result that collaboration and sharing of information with the worldʹs scientific community is increasing. A reflection of this information sharing is the organization of meetings and congresses devoted to Latin American faunas.
Author: Ingo S. Wehrtmann & Raymond T. Bauer

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