Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, 41 (4) August 2013 (SPECIAL ISSUE)
Experimental culture of the river prawn Macrobrachium americanum larvae (Bate, 1868), with emphasis on feeding and stocking density effect on survival.
The cauque river prawn Macrobrachium americanum occurs along the Pacific coast of America. This prawn can grow to a large size, making it an interesting option for aquaculture production. Currently, supplies of juveniles are limited because hatchery and laboratory-reared larvae are difficult to raise. This study assesses larval survival for different combinations of stocking density and feeding from larvae cultivated in green water. From these combinations, larvae fed with Artemia nauplii and maintained at a density of 50 larvae L–1 had the highest survival.
Author: Stig Yamasaki-Granados, Marcelo García-Guerrero, Fernando Vega-Villasante, Francisco Castellanos-León, Ronaldo O. Cavalli & Edilmar Cortés-Jacinto

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