Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, 42 (1) March 2014
Challenges for coastal zoning and sustainable development in the northern Patagonian fjords (Aysén, Chile)
The Chilean government in 1994 enacted its National Policy for the Use of the Coastal Fringe (NPUCF) to promote sustainable development within the context of international requirements. One of the main NPUCF goals was to promote the harmonious coastal development by zoning of these coastal areas for defined uses. In this study, the first zoning process in Chile is discussed, which took place in the fjords and channels of Patagonia Aysén region. Its potential contribution to sustainable development is discussed using an integrated management that includes the physical, biological and social dimensions. The potential contribution of the zoning process to achieve sustainable development is threatened by significant gaps in areas of fairness, competitiveness and governance, which have to be diminished. The natural wealth of this region, abundant in resources for economic growth and human development, strongly contrast with one of the lowest rates of national competitiveness for local development.
Author: Carlos Molinet, Edwin J. Niklitschek, Susana Coper, Manuel Díaz, Patricio A. Díaz, Mónica Fuentealba & Francisca Marticorena

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