Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, 42 (5) November 2014
Biodiversity and spatial distribution of medusae in the Magellan Region (Southern Patagonian Zone).
Epipelagic medusae collected in the Magellan Region (Southern Patagonian Zone) during spring 2009 were analyzed. A total of 27 species of medusae were identified (25 hydromedusae and 2 scyphomedusae). Twelve medusae species were recorded for the first time in the Magellan region. Six dominant species were found: Clytia simplex (19.8%), Rhopalonema funerarium (16.2%), Aurelia sp. (15.9%), Bougainvillia muscoides (15.5%), Proboscidactyla stellata (8.9%), and Obelia spp. (6.0%). The horizontal distribution of all these species, except Obelia spp., showed the highest abundances to the south of 54°S, particularly in the Almirantazgo and Agostini fjords and in the Beagle Channel. Most of the dominant species were collected in shallow strata (0-50 m), with less saline waters (<30), except for R. funerarium, which was mainly collected above depths deeper than 25 m in more saline waters (30-33). These results confirm the success of several species in the colonization of the inland waters of the Southern Patagonian Zone.
Author: Sergio Palma, Pablo Córdova, Nelson Silva & Claudio Silva

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