First report of marine Gastrotricha from Chilean beaches

Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa, Matthew Lee, Marina Scherf, Tania Figueroa, Javier Sellanes, Juan I. Cañete

Submited: 2018-09-21 04:23:05 | Published: 2019-09-01 19:17:11



A recent study of the meiofauna from several intertidal sites along the coast of Chile yielded several gastrotrich specimens. The number of specimens was too small to assess the ecology of the individual species; however, as there are no published records of Gastrotricha in Chile until recently, it is important to document the presence of this group in order to stimulate further research. We report specimens of the genera Lepidodasys, Cephalodasys, Macrodasys, Tetranchyroderma, Xenotrichula and several morphotypes of Turbanella. Additionally, we provide some initial data on the population density of Lepidodasys sp. at Coihuin (Puerto Montt) and an observation of them feeding on nematodes.

Schmidt-Rhaesa A, Lee M, Scherf M, Figueroa T, Sellanes J, Cañete J. First report of marine Gastrotricha from Chilean beaches. Lat. Am. J. Aquat. Res.. 2019;47(4): 684-693. Available from: doi:10.3856/vol47-issue4-fulltext-10 [Accessed 18 Apr. 2024].
Schmidt-Rhaesa, A., Lee, M., Scherf, M., Figueroa, T., Sellanes, J., & Cañete, J. (2019). First report of marine Gastrotricha from Chilean beaches. Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, 47(4), 684-693. doi: